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Localization of ex-vitellogenin source of lipids in a murrel, Channa punctatus (Bloch)

Nisha Sinha & Bandana Kumari
Dept. of Zoology, P.P.K. College, Bundu, R.U.
Received 07th May, 2011,; Revised 13th 2011.

Abstract: The Murrel Channa Punctatus is observed to have ‘group synchronous’ type of ovarian development where by two groups of development stays could be observed at any point of stage of development process. The study of earlier literatures confirmed that ‘lipovitellin’ is a vitellogenin-precursor of hepatic origin (Wallace 19851; Mommsen and Walsh 19882). As regardĀ  to the origin of lipids, the vitellogenin (vg) bound lipids has been reported by various workers (Silversand and Haux 19953; Weigand 19964) but the ex-vg lipids is yet to be confirmed. The present work has localized a few lipid depots across the ovarian stroma with yellow tinct, indicating its ex-hepatic deposition and later on impregnation into micro vesicular blebs.


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