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Allelopathic Potential of Parthenium extract to promote germination parameters of cowpea seeds and to reduce water absorption

Jayanti Srivastava, Nisha Raghava* & Ravindra Pratap Raghava
Research Lab, FIST-DST sponsored P.G. Department of Botany,
S.M.M.Town (P.G.) College, Ballia (U.P.) – 277001 (India)
Received 2nd January, 2011.; Revised 15th February, 2011

Abstract : The fresh plant parts extracts of Parthenium were used to observe the effect on cowpea seeds, which shows the significant increase in seed germination and different seedling growth parameters under lower concentrations, viz., germinability (% seed germination), emergence index, relative seed germination, relative root elongation, seedling growth and vigour index. Cent percent germination was observed on 7th day with the concentrations of 20%, on 3rd day with 40% and 60% root extract. The same was also observed with 20% of stem extract on 5th day and 100% germination was observed with only 10% and 20% leaf extract on 9th day. Only 80% germination was observed with flower extract on 12th day. This stimulatory effect was recorded on other germination and seedling growth parameters of cowpea in order of Parthenium parts extracts was Root and Shoot>Leaf and Flower. Moreover very little water was added under 20 to 100 % concentrations as compared to control and other concentrations.


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