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Efficacies of cobalt, gold and platinum on the gonadal growth of the fish, Clarias batrachus

Ramesh Pathaka* & N. K. Mishrab
aDept. of Zoology, R.N. College, Hajipur, Bihar
bDept. of Zoology, Patna University (Rtd.)
Received 12th April, 2010; Revised 26th July, 2010

Abstract : The catfish, Clarias batrachus were treated separately with cobalt, gold, and platinum salts in different priods of the reproductive cycle to find out their efficacies in promoting gonadal growth. In the female gonadal growth occurred mainly due to an increase in the population of oocytes of 400-600┬Ám in diameter and in the male due to increase in interstitial tissue of the testis. In females, cobalt and gold chloride treatments caused 80% increase in the population of the oocytes. In male, platinum (in pre-breeding period) and cobalt (in post-breeding period) treatments led to copious growth of interstitial tissue of the tyestis.


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