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Alkaline phosphatase activities in heamolymph of the freshwater crab, Sartoriana spinigera (Wood Mason, 1871)

P. Nayan*, R. N. Prasad, S. Paul & S. Besra
Zoology Department, Ranchi College, R.U., Ranchi-834008, Jharkhand, India.
Received 16th May, 2010; Revised 7th August, 2010

Abstract : Freshwater crab, Sartoriana spinigera are abundantly found in rainy season in the paddy fields, wetlands, rivers and ponds of Jharkhand. These are edible crabs and are sold at the Rs. 60/Kg in the local market. In the present dissertation biochemical analysis of haemolymph for the enzymatic estimation of alkaline phosphatase was done in different weight groups of male and female crabs. It was found that these crabs haemolymph contain high concentration of alkaline phosphatase enzyme. Now a day’s alkaline phosphatase has become an useful tool in molecular biology laboratories.
Statistical analysis also revealed that alkaline phosphatase concentration in female was significantly higher (p<0.01) than male. In the present paper the cause of this type of difference has been discussed in detail.


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