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A study on photoperiodic regulatin of body weight and teticular activity of Coturnix coromandelica

Atul Kumar Misra*

Received 8th May, 2010; Revised 18th August, 2010

Abstract : Live and mature acclimatized experimental birds i.e.; male Coturnix coromandelica which is commonly known as rain quail were purchased from the local bird market and were treated to different photoperiodic schedule under observation of photoperiodic manipulation for 60 days. There is a direct relationship between photoperiod and growth and development of testis. It is experimentaly proved that growth and development of testis grew faster and sexually mature early in long term of light/dark schedule i.e.; 20 hrs L/4 hrsD and 16 hrsL/8 hrsD in comparison of 4hrsL/20hrsD. The body weight of the birds at different light regime also changes.No significant role of light was observed in Natural Day Length (N.D.L.) group.The hormonal regulations and growth and development of testis are regulated by different photoperiodic manipulations. Long to short or short to long photoperiod is a controlling factor, which regulates body weight, secretion of hormones, testicular activity and secondary sexual characteristics in birds.


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