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Physico-chemical analysis of pond ecosystem of Dhanbad

Ripa Bandyopadhyay* &  A.C. Gorai
Ecological Research laboratory, Department of zoology, R.S.P. (P.G.) College,
Jharia, Dhanbad (V.B.U., Hazaribag), – 828111, Jharkhand
Received 5th January, 2010; Revised 25th Feberuary, 2010

Abstract : Physico-chemical analysis of fresh water pond eco system of Dhanbad have been carried out during a period of two years. Water temperature of the ponds changed in accordance with the seasons and atmospheric temperature. Transparency was recorded maximum in the month of May for both the ponds. The pH value of water remained alkaline for both the ponds during entire period of investigation. Dissolved oxygen content of water was more during winter time for both the ponds. Inverse relation between dissolved oxygen and free CO2 had taken place in case of both the ponds.


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