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Eco friendly management of banana scarring beetle, Basilepta subcostatum (Jacoby) in North Bihar

Anshu Prabha, Arun Kumar* & Bhuwan Bhaskar Mishra
University Department of Zoology, B.N.M.University, Madhepura, Bihar, India
Received : 12th November, 2020 ; Revised : 14th December, 2020

Abstract:- A field survey was conducted during 2017-18 in North Bihar, to study the status of Banana growers and their cultivation practices. It has been found that the infestation of Basilepta subcostatum (Jacoby) beetle is one of the most important beetles damaging the crop in the region. The study indicated that different chemical and biological pesticides are used in the different stage of infestation. The weather condition also plays an important factor in the intensity of the infestation. It has been found the Entomopathogenic fungus (Beauveria bassiana) and three neem products, chemical pesticides azadirachtin (5ml/L) were highly effective. The fruit damage, beetle population, number of scars, pulp-skin ratio, TSS and benefit-cost ratio was measured. The findings suggested that an eco- friendly management strategy can be developed by including these products.

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