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Physico-chemical analysis of effluents of Sri Ram Paper Mill, Forbisganj, Araria

Rupak Kumaria & Binod Kumar Jaiswalb
aDepartment of Botany, B.N.M.University, Madhepura, Bihar, India
bDepartment of Botany, R. M. College, Saharsa, Bihar, India
Received :02nd May, 2019 ; Revised : 15th June, 2019

Abstract : Present study reveals that Sri Ram Paper mill, Araria causes high water pollution. The effluent contains of straw, cellulose fiber and dissolved lignin in addition to a complex mixture of chemicals are the cause of pollution. TDS, BOD and COD of the effluent were recorded as 3000mg/l, 1075mg/l and 7825 mg/l respectively.

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