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On the transference of Pseudocaryophyllaeus elongata Zenith & Gambhir, 20141 to the genus Lytocestus Cohn, 19082 under Lytocestidae Wardle and McLeod, 19523 and a discussion on the status of Pseudocaryophyllaeus clariae Dan and Sahay, 20014

Hem Srivastavaa, Umapati Sahaya & Poonamb
a* Depatment of Zoology, R.U. Ranchi, Jharkhand, India
bDepartment of Zoology, Vinoba Bhawe University, Hazaribagh, Jharkhand, India.
Received 12th January, 2014; Revised 15th February, 2014

Abstract : The genus Pseudocaryophyllaeus was established by Gupta, 19615 with type species P.indica recovered from Clarias batrachus (Linn.) from Gauhati Assam, Since then following species have been added to the genus: P.mackiewiczi Gupta & Parmar (1984)6; P.ritai Gupta & Singh (1984)7; P. lucknowensis Gupta & Sinha (1984)8; P. clariae Dan and Sahay (2001)4 and P. elongata Zenith and Gambhir (2014).1 The last one appeared in Journal of Experimental Zoology, 17: 141 – 144, 2014. The last species though described under the family Capingentidae Wardle & McLeod (1952)3;(Cestoda Carus, 19639: Caryopyyllidea van Beneden (in Carus, 18639) suffers from a number of lacunae. One of the most important lacuna is that in the cestode under reference does not show vitellaria in cortical as well as medullary region ( a character of family Capingentidae) rather vitellaria are entirely cortical as evined by camera lucida drawing & photomicrograph. The authors have reason to transfer therefore, the cestoda to the genus Lytocestus Cohn (1908).2

                       The authors have also gone into the details of Pseudocaryophyllaeus clariae Dan & Sahay (2001)4 published in Trans.Zool.Soc.East.India, 5(1): 39 – 54; 2001 and have pointed out the errors committed by the authors of the paper as regards 2nd set of vitellarial follicles which on examination of slides are follicles of ovary. Though they have retained the cestode under the family Capingentidae yet have suggested modification of the errors inadvertently committed.

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